Khagaria, Bihar

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Megh Pyne Abhiyan (MPA) in partnership with SAMTA (partner organization in Khagaria district) is piloting the localized version of Phaydemand Shauchalay  aka productive toilet/ecological sanitation in two tolas (hamlets) (Nepal and Railway tola of Khagaria district) as an alternative and appropriate utility  for the flood prone areas of Bihar. This is a unique collaborative initiative in north Bihar because of the coming together of Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED), Government of Bihar; DFID – Sector Wide Approach to Strengthening Health (SWASTH) program; habitants of Nepal and Railway tola and MPA in establishing a region specific sanitation solution for sustained use and benefit. The project is being jointly funded by PHED and DFID-SWASTH along with local contributions from Nepal and Railway tola.

The endeavor is to develop a functional framework, processes, arguments and technology of an alternative secure sanitation utility through instituting a congenial social environment by stimulating cooperative action, accountability and innovations appropriate for the   flood prone areas of Bihar.

MPA – SAMTA has decided to focus on following thrust areas, spread across three phases of the project – pre execution, during execution and post execution

  • Promotion of alternative sanitation adaptive behavior and technology
  • Promotion of mitigative measures
  • Mechanisms for sustained use of the utility
  • Knowledge generation, capacity building, dissemination, and policy advocacy and sustenance mechanism of

The photo series captures the initial phase of the construction work, and as the work progresses photos will be included in this stream. As of now, the series captures the process of identification of land for toilets and initiation of the construction work.