Collective Intelligence and Action, July 2013

Training on Collective Intelligence and Action by EcoVida Såo Miguel, Brazil
The workshop titled ‘ Samuhik Abhiyan Prashikshan’ – Collective Intelligence and Action was a curtain-raiser for the Participatory Groundwater Water Management program (supported by Arghyam Trust, Bengaluru) and it was supported by the Dragon Dreaming methodology ( )  followed by collective exercises based on the philosophy of permaculture ( . The workshop was conducted by Mariana Mattos and Paulo H D Lucca representing EcoVida Såo Miguel, Brazil ( )
Purpose behind the training
In order to witness and facilitate a positive transformation within the society, the old and hierarchical work structures need to be replaced by systems that are truly collaborative, horizontal, open and participatory. This initiative aims, through prism of permaculture, to provide methodologies and tools that facilitate collaborative, creative and integrative work, using especially the DRAGON DREAMING methodology.
The outline of the workshop was designed as follows
Day 1 and 2 – Holi (Festival of colours) celebration was recreated to usher in the PGWM program in north Bihar with the intention of
Building trust, bonding, transparency within the participants;
Presenting tools for improving group communication and briefing about the Dragon Dreaming methodology
Day 3, and 4 –  Implementation of the Dragon Dreaming (concepts, principles, creating the collective dream, collective experience of the phases of implementation relating to identification of objectives, defining tasks, and organised planning); The collaborative work and collective intelligence was practiced during these two days
Day 5, 6, 7 and 8 – Work on permaculture concepts was undertaken;
Brazilian practices of ecological solutions were shared;
Collaborative action for developing local ecological solutions for the ashram (where the training was conducted) were implemented
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